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Conflict Management is a term that can mean different things to different people but for FranklinSolutions it means helping clients with a process and tools to intervene early in disputes to guide the persons involved to wise and successful outcomes.

Conflicts that fester or that come to a dramatic head sometimes cause results that damage the group or the business unnecessarily and in costly ways. Trying to resolve them after the fact can sometimes be a more daunting task with more limited options. Conflict management is a proactive approach to disagreements to avoid such negative outcomes.

One example in healthcare facilities might be of an individual who demonstrates disruptive behavior. This can be a physician or a nurse or others working in the healthcare facility whose behavior is such that makes it more difficult for others to do their jobs correctly, risking outcomes that can be severely damaging to persons involved.


Franklin Solutions helps clients to:  avert or resolve unnecessary conflict; minimize the harmful and costly effects of unresolved conflict by addressing it promptly; harness positive outcomes from substantive disagreement; and, from the clash of ideas and concepts, make new beginnings.