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Conflict Resolution, for Franklin Solutions, means providing clients a specific service (e.g. facilitated communication or mediation) as a neutral, to help them conclude specific disagreements/disputes in favorable and effective ways. An example in the healthcare world can include mediating disagreement between a member of the hospital medical staff and medical staff leaders about medical staff privileges before resorting to notice, hearing and appeal procedures under medical staff bylaws. Or, another example would be a facilitated conversation or mediation between the alleged disruptive individual mentioned above and affected co-workers to find out what is really going on and what appropriate, viable solutions might be.

An example in any workplace could be a mediation or facilitated conversation between two departments that need to work together to produce a good product (they cannot work in isolation from each other to get their job done); or a mediation between co-workers of different gender when tensions are festering between them (or one does not even realize the tension)and assumptions begin to be made about the cause of the problem, leading to further conflict or the filing of grievances or other legal action.

Franklin Solutions helps clients to:  avert or resolve unnecessary conflict; minimize the harmful and costly effects of unresolved conflict by addressing it promptly; harness positive outcomes from substantive disagreement; and, from the clash of ideas and concepts, make new beginnings.