FranklinSolutions offers:  mediation and conflict management services, and facilitation of important discussions


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Facilitation is helping individuals and groups have effective communications and meetings to achieve desired goals (or to even arrive at agreement about what certain goals should be.) Examples are: facilitated planning sessions for boards, departments, other groups; facilitated negotiation between parties without engaging in pure form dispute resolution process; facilitating community association meetings. Facilitation helps because a third party who is not directly involved in the issues can provide the right touch to help elevate conversations leading people in discussion to see more in the way of possibilities than they otherwise might without that gently guiding, fresh pair of eyes and ears.


Franklin Solutions helps clients to:  avert or resolve unnecessary conflict; minimize the harmful and costly effects of unresolved conflict by addressing it promptly; harness positive outcomes from substantive disagreement; and, from the clash of ideas and concepts, make new beginnings.