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Franklin Solutions provides assistance to clients, be they individuals, businesses, or groups, by working with them to resolve their specific disputes through mediation, and by helping clients manage conflict so they can move forward productively. Conflict is inevitable; it surfaces in business as well as in so many other areas of human endeavor. Law suits are one form or stage of dispute. Also, dispute can exist more subtly, exerting a corrosive influence upon productivity.

Franklin Solutions helps clients to:  avert or resolve unnecessary conflict; minimize the harmful and costly effects of unresolved conflict by addressing it promptly; harness positive outcomes from substantive disagreement; and, from the clash of ideas and concepts, make new beginnings.


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2014 News: Where has the time gone?

A belated happy new year to all and apologies for a two month hiatus. Things have been busy.

Nonetheless, here are three brief news announcements:

- Jeanne F. Franklin was elected on January 24 as Chair of the Joint Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Virginia State Bar and the Virginia Bar Association.

- She will present a webinar on March 20 along with Jamie Baskerville-Martin, Esq. of Richmond, Virginia and Jane Reister Conard, Esq. of Sun Valley, Idaho for the American Bar Association Health Law Section. The topic is "Medical Staff-Hospital Relationships: Diagnosing the Problem, Treating It, and Practicing Wellness."

Information about that program may be obtained from this office or from the American Bar Association Health Law Section website.

- The effect of a sincere and appropriate apology to change a conversation and motivate problem solving was discussed in a thought provoking educational program and demonstration, based in part on neurological studies, during the Virginia Bar Association Annual Meeting on January 24.  The program was presented by Kimberly Fauss, Esq., Marshall Yoder, Esq. and Lisa Schenkel.

Discussion during the program recognized that organizations, businesses and talented people can do amazing things like lazer surgery, building satellites or designing beautiful graphics but it is still hard often for good people to build good teams and get the people one works with to "get along."






A Busy Fall

The faulty launch this fall of the federal exchange website dominated news for awhile. However, the need to comply with the requirments of the ACA (and how to do so) remains. With the help of some of the skills and management tools mentioned throughout this website, real problems maybe successfully reexamined and addressed properly. Healthcare needs some help and healing!

Discussion among different organizations and groups of what tools and management approaches can be helpful in healthcare has continued: Examples include:

- Jane Conard and my September program at the NAMSS annual conference in Florida about using communications and dispute resolution skills to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of hospital medical staff activities;

- An October program in Virginia featuring nationally prominent Dwight Golann who spoke of the evolution of dispute resolution from a 1980s style of rights based processes in connection with litigation to the growth of mediation inside organizations as an effective organizational management and growth tool;

- An issue of the Virginia State Bar magazine surveying innovative applications of dispute resolution in different substantive fields - including my description of uses in the health industry;

-A program by Jamie Baskerville Martin of McCandlishHolton and myself at the November Virginia Bar Association Health Law Section's Annual Roundtable about using ADR in a post healthreform world;

More is on the way in 2014. In the meanwhile, here are wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. We do have much for which to be thankful.




Finding Help When You Need It

 Isn't it true that when we need help the most (a crisis of sorts) is when it's hardest to think where and how to get that help? Conflict competence or readiness is not the same thing as looking for a fight or expecting misery. It is knowing how to react in a way when trouble starts to soothe the waters and help get through as comfortably and safely as possible. It is having a system, skills, resources, training, and determination to help everyone through.


 EADRSolutions is the trademark Jane Conard and I obtained for the range of ideas, services and training that will help people in healthcare navigate choppy waters - difficult decisions to be made, difficult conversations that must be held, outright conflicts to be addressed, and helping people adjust to changes in how and for whom they work, and where they go to get healthcare. EADR stands for Early Appropriate Dispute Resolution; think of it as a form of preventive health care for the healthcare industry. Please see the toolbar option above to learn more about EADR as a way to get started finding help (indeed, helping yourself) before you are in crisis.